Ethics Statement

Last Updated 2023-10-14

Tech Addressed provides educational / informative content centered around technology related subject matter. There is a significant cost attached to producing such content and, in general, running a business. As a result, Tech Addressed utilizes various methods to generate revenue. This page provides details on the company’s stance in terms of content ethics and how it relates to how Tech Addressed makes money.

Creative Control

Tech Addressed retains 100% full creative control over each and every piece of content. This means:

  • No company is able to purchase preferential treatment of any kind.
  • All content (including sponsored content) is presented without bias.
  • If a company or agency requests a review, they are not privy to preview the review before it is made public.
  • Such external company may not hold Tech Addressed accountable for resulting feedback – either good or bad.
  • Tech Addressed reserves the right to refuse involvement with any product or company for any reason.


All sponsorships must agree to adhere to these guidelines regarding creative control. Sponsorships will only be accepted for products / services considered to be of value to the audience. Additionally, if any product or service mentioned in any Tech Addressed content suffers a major data breach, data leakage, or results in any societal harm (or any other wide-scale negative event) – after reviewing the nature of the breach / leak and how well the company’s response to the incident was handled, we reserve the right to exercise discretion to stop all ads and/or recommendations for that company and/or its products and remove them from the content wherever possible and without any compensation or refunds being owed to the outside agency by Tech Addressed.

Product Reviews

As part of its content, Tech Addressed produces reviews of software, services, and/or hardware. Such reviews may originate either by Tech Addressed or at the request of a third party.

All companies that request a review and/or provide a product/service for review to Tech Addressed agree that they do so at their own risk. All reviews and articles that center around a company or product will be unbiased. If any flaws are observed in the product / service reviewed, the content will reflect such findings. Companies that request a review of a product / service agree to not hold Tech Addressed liable for any damages that may result from the publishing of the product / service review.

Additionally, any product / service review that Tech Addressed initiates independently / not at the request of a third party – the same guidelines will apply.

Affiliates & Commission-Based Services

As part of its content, Tech Addressed presents affiliate links in order to help pay for the cost of running this website and producing content. Such affiliate links may come in the form of (but aren’t limited to) URLs / links mentioned within content and/or sidebar of this website. Tech Addressed only utilizes affiliate links and commission sources that are believed to offer a legitimate value to the audience. Tech Addressed will not endorse or support a product that is known to be of negative value. The same stipulations mentioned above in the Sponsorship section shall also apply to any and all affiliate links and commission-based services.

Additional details about the affiliate / commission programs Tech Addressed participates in can be found on the Affiliate Program Information page.


At this time, Tech Addressed is not producing content for YouTube but has plans to do so in the future. YouTube videos produced by Tech Addressed, as well as any service that hosts or displays videos produced by Tech Addressed, may display in-video ads. Tech Addressed, has zero direct control over the content of such ads, and will not be held liable for any negative reaction or result from such ads. Complaints or concerns regarding ads that may display during videos should be directed toward the company that inserted the ad.

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