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Proxmox vs TrueNAS Scale: VM Performance Showdown

Which hypervisor – Proxmox vs TrueNAS Scale – delivers better virtual machine performance when compared with multiple VM core configurations in benchmark tests on identical systems? Do you think you can predict the results?

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Self Hosting Gitea On TrueNAS Scale With Working SSH Access

This tutorial covers how to configure a Gitea instance on TrueNAS Scale with SSH functioning properly for server communication. As of the time I’m writing this tutorial, there are problems with getting SSH working when deploying Gitea using the TrueCharts catalog. I’ll update this tutorial when I’ve worked out how to resolve the SSH related issues with the TrueCharts install.

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TrueNAS Scale: Creating ZFS Storage Pools

You’ve installed TrueNAS Scale but until you’ve setup at least one storage pool for your system to use, you won’t be doing much with it. Follow along, here, while I step you through the process to setup your first ZFS pool. Once you’re done, be sure to check out some of my other TrueNAS Scale content where I show you how to setup various applications as well as upcoming content on topics including Intro to Configuring TrueNAS Scale or Getting Started with ZFS.

TrueNAS Scale Basic Network Configuration

TrueNAS Scale: Basic Network Configuration

If you’ve setup a TrueNAS Scale server and intend to run applications, such as Pi-hole for example, on it, you’ll need to ensure you have basic networking configured properly before you’ll be able to do much in the way of installing apps. Here I’ve prepared a quick tutorial of how to modify the necessary settings.

Adding The TrueCharts Catalog To TrueNAS Scale

TrueNAS Scale: Adding TrueCharts Apps Catalog

Congratulations! You’ve setup TrueNAS scale on your home server and now you’d like to deploy some apps to it as well. Unless the only apps you want to use are one of the eight that come available by default, you’ll want to make the TrueCharts app catalog available on your server. Let’s step through, quickly, how exactly to do that.

Installing Pi-hole on TrueNAS Scale Featured Image

Installing Pi-hole On TrueNAS Scale

This tutorial details the steps necessary to install the Pi-hole application on a TrueNAS Scale server. At the time this tutorial was created, the current version of TrueNAS Scale is When newer versions are released, this document will be updated, if needed, to reflect necessary changes. Be sure after you’ve completed this tutorial that you move onto my tutorial on Basic Pi-hole Configuration for help in using your newly installed software.

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